Convergence of Entertainment, Fashion & Web3

Prior to our 10th anniversary demoday, DemoDay X,
SparkLabs is hosting Web3 Seoul,
a select conference exploring innovations
and ideas across entertainment,
fashion and Web3.

Our speakers will share their detailed insight
into the convergence of technology
that underpin Web 3.0 experiences in the most exciting industries.

Track the core components of the decentralized web,
directly from industry pioneers working at the edge
and discover the latest developments happening to us today!

NOV 1, 2022 14:30 - 16:30 KST

NOV 2, 2022 12:30 - 17:00 KST

New Content Business Center

[ 217, Yeoksam-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea ]


  • Nov 1, 2022 (Tue)
  • 14:30

    Investment Trends in Crypto & Web3

    - Mitch Grossbach_Founder & CEO at Someone Great Capital
    - Jai Choi_Managing Partner at TEKTON | Partech Partners
    - Bernard Moon_Co-founder & Partner at SparkLabs GroupModerator

    New Voices in Entertainment & Media

    - Joseph Juhn_Film producer ("Jeronmino", "Chosen")
    - Maggie Chui_Co-founder & COO at Asian Hustle Network (AHN)
    - Bryan Pham_Co-founder & CEO at Asian Hustle Network (AHN)
    - Bernie Cho_President at DFSB Kollective Moderator

    Special screening of the movie 'Chosen' Watch trailer
  • Nov 2, 2022 (Wed)
  • 12:30

    Web3 & Fashion

    - Txampi Diz_CMO at Balmain
    - Stephanie Kim_CMO at Pala Inc.
    - James Sun_Founder & CEO at mintNFT
    - Teddy Zee_Film producer/executive & Co-Founder & CBO at mintNFT Moderator

    Innovations in the Sports Industry

    - Alex Wu_VP of Strategy & Marketing at Nex Team
    - Mitch Chun_Founder & CEO at Bloksports
    - Matt Frischer_Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Wristcam
    - Frank Meehan_Co-founder at BraveNewDAO & Co-founder at SparkLabs Group Moderator

    Global Korean Content Wave

    - Soyoung Lee_Founder & CEO at Saram Entertainment
    - Han Se Min_CEO of AStory
    - Ted Kim_Global media & Entertainment professional
    - Eunbit Jang_VP of Communications at SparkLabs GroupModerator

    Web3 & Retail

    - Jae Shin_Chief Operating Officer & Executive Vice President at BLOCKO
    - Chris Xue_Novelship Co-Founder and COO
    - Lorenzo Albrighi_Co-founder & CEO at Lablaco
    - Joseph Kim_Professor of Business Communication at Sungkyunkwan UniversityModerator

    Innovations in The Metaverse

    - Albert Kim_CEO & Founder at DoubleMe
    - John Park_Venture Partner at Blue Square
    - Bernard Moon_Co-founder & Partner at SparkLabs GroupModerator


Featured speakers include Txampi Diz, Chief Marketing Officer of Balmain, the French luxury brand that leads innovation in the fashion industry by embracing NFTs, and James Sun, Founder of mintNFT, the premium minting platform that helps global fashion brands easily adopt NFTs.